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Veteran Dental Financial Assistance

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Program Information

LLS is pleased to announce a partnership with NYU Dentistry’s Veterans Oral Care Access Resource (VOCARE) to help Veterans with blood cancer gain access to dental care. Any Veteran, regardless of dental benefit class, who requires dental procedures to begin lifesaving therapy for a blood cancer or as a consequence of therapy for a blood cancer, will be eligible for financial assistance to cover the costs of dental services.  Care will be provided at the NYU Dentistry Oral Health Center for People with Disabilities. Although treatment takes place in New York City, the program is available to all Veterans as long at they reside in the U.S. or a U.S. territory, and can travel to New York City. 

All expenses for the required dental care will be covered, as long as funding is available. Veterans can receive services more than once.  Covered expenses include, but are not limited to, extractions, root canals, jaw surgery, dentures, cavity fillings, and gum disease.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Any Veteran with a blood cancer diagnosis, regardless of dental benefit class through the Veterans Administration (VA), who requires dental procedures to begin therapy for a blood cancer or as a consequence of therapy for a blood cancer. 
  • Any Veteran referred by LLS even if the Veteran is not affiliated with the VA at the present time, with the exception of a dishonorable discharge.
  • There are no financial qualifications.
  • Dental insurance is not required
  • Veterans can live outside of New York; however, they are responsible for traveling to the NYU College of Dentistry.


How to Apply

Call an LLS Information Specialist at (800) 955-4572 and a knowledgeable Specialist will assist you in determining your eligibility and help you apply.

For additional information about the partnership click here.


Program Support

LLS is a nonprofit organization that relies on the generosity of individual, foundation and corporate contributions to advance its mission. The Veteran Dental Financial Assistance Program is supported by:

  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Disabled Veterans National Foundation